Loyal customers at the One Shot Sports Club know that we like to keep a well-stocked inventory of firearms. At nighttime, all weapons are removed from the display cases and placed in our walk-in safe.

As such, while we have experienced losses from things like tornados tearing up our roof, our inventory of firearms was totally unaffected.

Nevertheless, our customers are all given the opportunity to try most models of guns they are thinking about buying right there at the range.

With several major firearms manufacturers having relocated to Georgia and the past few years, we have gotten into the habit of making at least one road trip per year to get the best deals for our clients.

This time, we got into a bit of a jam and needed the services of 24 Hour Towing Atlanta to get out of it!


 Leaving Wichita in a crew cab F-250 and several hundred thousand dollars in cash for a road trip is something that takes a little forethought.

We travel in a group of three and make no stops along the way except for diesel. The vehicle is never out of our sight and we are all armed.

After we acquire cases of weapons and ammunition from the various factories, they are placed in the back and protected from the weather with our custom, lockdown, fiberglass tonneau cover.

After a day of touring the Remington factory in Alabama, we traveled East in the dead of the night, and a short while after passing Aniston and crossing into Georgia towards Atlanta, things went bad.


 If you’ve ever driven across the Bama-Georgia border near the Northern third, you know that there aren’t too many street lights if any.

Normally that would suit us just fine, but not when you suddenly hear thump, thump, thump coming from under the back of the car.

Using a flashlight from the cockpit, we didn’t see what it was right away. This F-250 is a dually and one of the inner tires had somehow disintegrated (it took a while to figure out that’s what it was.)

We looked at the GPS and saw that we weren’t all that far out of Atlanta and decided to Google 24 hour towing Atlanta and see what came up.

Amazingly, we discovered that there is a company with that exact same name! 24 Hour Towing Atlanta and their dispatcher told us they would have a wrecker out to the scene within fifteen minutes!


 Just as promised, a magnificent wrecker from 24 Hour Towing Atlanta showed up fourteen minutes to the second later, lighting up the entire surroundings with it’s multiple lights all flashing like Christmas.

We couldn’t have been happier to see it coming. We explained to the operator that we needed to stick with the vehicle and he advised us that there would be no problem.

He even knew about the location of a 24-hour shop that kept an inventory of the kind of tire we would be needing.

So, in hardly any time at all, our vehicle was all hooked up and we were all riding back towards town and getting our first view of the glowing lights of the city off in the distance.


 When we got to the service area, it was well lit, very well equipped and our bad tire was removed in record time. It really got chewed up pretty good by something out there on the road.

We were able to observe the entire operation from the customer waiting area that overlooked the shop, so the truck remained in our vision at all times.

None of us got any sleep that night but we did more or less stay on schedule and were able to travel to our next firearms manufacturers that same morning without issue.

We owe it all to the professional services we received from 24 Hour Towing Atlanta that really came through!

If you’re ever in a jam like we were in that area and feel you need to Google 24 hour towing Atlanta yourself, now you know who to call!