Outdoors Warming Up!!!



October 26, 2013

Halloween Horror

Edison Park

Huntington Beach, CA



October 2-6, 2013

US Open

Target Center

Memphis, MN


November 7-10, 2013

Red Swain


Davidson, MI



OneShot Sports
Our Mission

All systems go!  Oneshot takes pride in sponsoring some of the world's best professional and amateur athletes. Racquetball, Handball, MMA,  Skate, Surf, and Desert Racing athletes, as well as many young talent that will shape the future of sports.

Proven Champions like Rocky Carson, Jose Rojas, Robert Sostre, Greg Solis, Craig "Clubber" Lane, Tony Carson, Alejandro Herrera, Paola Longoria, and Samantha Salas.. 

Past Champions Ruben Gonzalez, Sudsy Monchik, Cliff Swain, Jason Mannino, John Ellis, Egan Inoue and 20X Outdoor Champion, Brian Hawkes, all represent Oneshot!  

Young talent pushing the limits for their Oneshot at glory are Daniel De La Rosa, Jose Diaz, Bobby Horn, Jose Serrano, and Brad  Schopieray.

We are honored to have such talent in our family and are humbled by all those who have supported us since 2001. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at  480.406.0661
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Based in Huntington Beach California, but recognized worldwide!!!
One Country, One God, One Love, One Shot