The Calm After The Storm

For those of you who have been following my posts over the last few weeks, you’re well aware of the damage to the One Shot Sports Club following the recent string of tornadoes that wreaked havoc on Wichita.

I am beyond ecstatic to announce that the sports club has officially re-opened thanks to the hard work and dedication of Wichita Roofing. There are also a handful of new additions that were just added bonuses thanks to one of the Wichita Roofing contractors who decided to get a little creative as a side project.

The recent storms ripped through Kansas, having the most impact on Wichita, as a category F4 tornado remained on the ground for a full 13 minutes, utterly demolishing everything in its path.


Luckily for the One Shot Sports Club, the tornado didn’t hit us head on and was ascending back into the sky as it passed us. But the force of the winds completely destroyed our roofing and a lot of our shooting and archery ranges.

Repairs were immediate, and Wichita Roofing was called in for the roofing repairs – doing an excellent and timely job on completely repairing all of the roofing across the entire sports club complex.

And as a bonus, one of their contractors hand-crafted a sculpture paying homage to the fact that the sports club was still standing after a powerful storm.

This isn’t the first time the One Shot Sports Club has been on the receiving end of Mother Nature’s wrath. Back in 1996, a string of tornadoes hit Wichita, devastating the town, but miraculously ascending back into the sky just before coming into contact with the sports club.

Both incidences caused damage, yes, but it all could have been much worse.

There’s certainly someone out there who believes that One Shot deserves more than just one shot.