The One Shot Sports Club was founded in 2015 by Byron Jones, a gun enthusiast, collector, hobbyist, and avid supporter of the 2nd Ammendment – The right to bear arms. Byron created One Shot Sports Club as a brotherhood focused on bringing together like-minded individuals sharing the outdoor/survivalist lifestyle. Geared towards firearms, archery, and fishing, the One Shot Sports Club is an all around club for men and women alike, who are all passionate about survival, shooting, hunting, and outdoor sporting as a whole. The One Shot Sports Club not only boasts its own inventory of high quality firearms, bows, fishing poles, and supplies for all, but also hosts classes aimed towards teaching firearms skills, archery skills, fishing skills, and survival skills. We also host summer youth camps in the mountains for all ages, boys and girls are welcome. If you’re an outdoor or survival enthusiast, stop by the One Shot Sports Club – We got you covered, in one shot!